In March exports grew 12.15% annually, their highest increase since 2018, driven mainly by oil exports (70.8%).Imports increased 31.4% annually, with non-oil imports recording the highest growth (24%).

According to the Undersecretary of Finance, the Mexican economy is projected to be fully open between August and September of this year;  the growing vaccination of Mexican population will allow greater reopening of tourist and recreational activities.

据美国财政部副部长称,墨西哥经济预计将在今年8月至9月间完全开放。 墨西哥人口不断增加的疫苗接种将使游客和娱乐活动重新开放。

AEROMEXICO launched a cargo flight from the Chinese city of Wuhan to Mexico City.  With two frequencies per week, this new route will facilitate logistics between the two countries. It is expected that the flight will carry around 3,500 tons of cargo per year. According to Chinese official data, Mexico is the second largest trade partner of China in Latin America during 2020. Trade value reached 60,850 million USD. The main export products to Mexico from China include liquid crystal screens, telephones, computers and computer parts. Mexico main exports to China  include integrated circuits and copper minerals.

Mexico and China participate with 50% of the world’s total computer exports.In 2020, shipments from China amounted to 21,096 million dollars, while those from Mexico totalled 19,627 million, according to data from the Ministry of Economy and the General Administration of Customs of China. Worldwide, the use of computers has grown after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, due to social distancing measures; although consumers have faced in parallel an economic crisis unprecedented in decades. The rise of Mexico in computer exports has been such that in 2019 it surpassed China, a leadership position that the Asian country had maintained since 2007, when it displaced Ireland, and after beating the United States in previous years and Germany. In that year, Mexico sent computers worth 20,634 million dollars to the world, while shipments from China were for 16, 553 million dollars. As a world manufacturing leader, China has diversified its computer exports, especially in Asia, Europe and America. On the contrary, Mexico has highly concentrated its sales in the United States, which registered computer imports of more than 32 billion dollars in 2020, too far from the next two import markets in this industry, Japan and Germany, with less of 4 billion external purchases each.

Chinese company Ganfeng Lithium Ltd., one of the largest lithium producers in the world, is interested in acquiring 100% of the shares of British company Bacanora Lithium. Ganfeng and Bacanora form the Sonora Lithium consortium for the extraction of the mineral in Sonora, with proven lithium reserves of 243 million tons, equivalent to 4.5 million tons of lithium carbonate. The approximate value of the offer made by the Chinese company is of US$264.5 million. Since 2012, Bacanora Minerals and Ganfeng Lithium obtained 10 concessions with 50-year terms to explore and extract 100,000 hectares in Bacadéhuachi.

Grupo Mexico plans to invest US$3.1 billion in a metal refining project in the state of Sonora and electrical infrastructure for a key mine in the Baja California peninsula. The six-year investment plan includes a US$2.3 billion expansion of existing smelting capacity in Sonora. The plan also includes US$815 million for new power lines for the Baja California peninsula. Grupo Mexico’s has also announced nearly US$9 billion in investments through 2027, including US$2.8 billion previously announced for its El Arco copper mine, which would ensure Baja California’s energy investment. The remainder will be distributed in additional infrastructure, two other mines and new zinc refining capacity.

Bombardier is celebrating its 15th anniversary since setting up its manufacturing operations in the city of Querétaro, according to a company press release. Bombardier recently completed the 100th rear fuselage for the company’s new flagship Global 7500 business jet. “Since we established the production line in Mexico in 2006, Bombardier has shown its commitment to the country, helping to develop and grow the aerospace industry. Today, Mexico has an important aerospace cluster that makes it a key player in the international market,” said Bombardier. The company employs nearly 1,200 employees at its factory in Mexico, who play a key role in the development of key components and systems for the company’s diverse range of business jets, such as the Global 7500, among others.

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世界最大的锂生产商之一的中国公司Ganfeng Lithium Ltd.有兴趣收购英国公司Bacanora Lithiu的100%的股份。Ganfeng和Bacanora组成了Sonora锂财团,用于提取Sonora中的矿物,探明的锂储量为2.43亿吨,相当于450万吨碳酸锂。这家中国公司提出的要约价值约为2.645亿美元。自2012年以来,Bacanora Minerals和Ganfeng Lithium获得了10个为期50年的特许权,以在Bacadéhuachi勘探和开采100,000公顷土地。

Grupo Mexico计划投资31亿美元,用于Sonora州的金属精炼项目和电气设备基础设施,用于下加利福尼亚半岛的一个关键矿山。六年的投资计划包括对Sonora现有冶炼能力进行23亿美元的扩建。该计划还包括用于下加利福尼亚半岛的新电力线的8.15亿美元。墨西哥Grupo矿业公司还宣布了到2027年的近90亿美元投资,其中包括先前宣布的El Arco铜矿的28亿美元,这将确保下加利福尼亚州的能源投资。其余的将分配到其他基础设施,另外两个矿山和新的锌提炼能力中。

根据公司新闻稿,庞巴迪庆祝其成立15周年,以在克雷塔罗市成立制造工厂为目标。庞巴迪公司最近为该公司的新旗舰Global 7500公务机完成了第100个后机身。“自2006年我们在墨西哥建立生产线以来,庞巴迪就向国家展示了自己的承诺,帮助发展和发展了航空航天工业。如今,墨西哥拥有重要的航空航天产业集群,使其成为国际市场的重要参与者。”庞巴迪说。该公司在墨西哥的工厂拥有近1200名员工,在为公司的各种公务机(例如Global 7500等)的关键部件和系统的开发中发挥着关键作用。