GBA LatAm Training

GBA LatAm Trade and Investment Advisors offers international business strategy and design thinking corporate workshops to help your company explore beyond the current business model and develop innovative solutions to tap into new markets.

We use Lego® Serious Play® and PLAYMOBILpro methodologies to facilitate our workshops. Based on research which shows that hands-on, minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities, our facilitation methodologies deepen the reflection process and supports an effective dialogue for everyone in the organisation.

– Playing with intention to achieve real business goals.

International Business Strategy Workshops

Tapping into new markets needs different approach to doing business locally. At GBA LatAm we offer market research, customer profiling, project management, supply chain, and human resources management workshops and meetings facilitation using our approach.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is used by business professionals around the world as a problem-solving technique. At GBA LatAm, we use LSP and PLAYMOBILpro as tools to support the Design Thinking Methodology to help companies in the process of generate ideas.

Cross-cultural communication

GBA LatAm offers tailored workshops for improving cross-cultural communication skills and sensibilize multicultural work teams.


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Lego® Serious Play®

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