GBA LatAm Trade and Investment Advisors is a Hong Kong based advisory services specialist focused on mid-market, small and early-stage businesses in the Greater Bay Area and Latin America regions. 

We work closely with our clients to develop and implement trade and investment strategies for tapping into the opportunities of the emerging markets of Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Our Services

GBA LatAm Trade and Investment Advisors offers a wide range of specialised services for mid-market, small and early-stage businesses to succeed in the identification, development and implementation of trade and investment strategies, and fully take advantage of the arising opportunities in the Greater Bay Area and Latin America region.

Market and Commercial Intelligence

  • Market intelligence
  • Product development
  • Macroeconomic and market research
  • Identification of distribution and sales channels

Investment Advisory

  • Soft-landing
  • Company formation
  • Tax, labour and commercial advisory
  • Identification of strategic partners
  • Assistance with contract negotiations
  • Factory visits
  • Representation in Mexico

International Trade Advisory

  • Sourcing
  • Support in negotiation of commercial and manufacturing contracts
  • Interpretation of FTAs and rules of origin
  • Representation in Mexico and Hong Kong
  • E-commerce advisory

Our Partners

Together with our partners we provide a wide range of services, including trade law, interpretation of trade and investment agreements; markets and industry insights; and training on international trade, business internationalisation and cross-cultural communication. 

Business Facilitation & Trading, an international business firm, managed by experienced professionals in assisting companies to create strategies for market entry, market development and logistics. BFT develops strategies to make business possible in China, Mexico and the USA. 

Website https://bftmexico.com/

Doing Business in Mexico (DBM) is a private initiative that seeks to promote Mexico as a business destination for international companies and foreign investors.

Website https://doingbusiness-mexico.com/

Vazquez Tercero & Zepeda (VTZ) is a law firm with a specialised practice in international trade, customs law, tax law, regulatory (sanitary & food-safety law), commercial, and administrative litigation in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Leon, Tijuana and Reynosa. 

Website https://vtz.mx/


Incrementa oportunidades de negocios participando en la Misión comercial a Asia del 6 al 26 de noviembre 2023, organizada por GATTIC y GBA LatAm.

Visitaremos Japón, Corea del Sur, China, Hong Kong y Singapur. Puedes participar en la misión completa o solo en algunos bloques.

La misión incluye una agenda de negocios multisectorial y contamos con el apoyo de entidades de gobierno, cámaras de comercio y empresas locales.

GBA LatAm Insights

GBA LatAm Insights

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大湾区拉美贸易和投资顾问 (GBA LatAM)是一家总部位于香港的咨询服务专家,专注于大湾区和拉丁美洲地区的中型、小型和早期企业。 我们与客户密切合作,制定和实施贸易和投资战略,以利用亚太和拉丁美洲新兴市场的机遇。

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