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GBA LatAm Trade and Investment Advisors offers a wide range of specialised services for mid-market, small and early-stage businesses to succeed in the identification, development and implementation of trade and investment strategies, and fully take advantage of the arising opportunities in the Greater Bay Area and Latin America region.

Design and Support for International Business Projects

We support our clients in the identification of business opportunities, planning and successful operation of projects, companies, products and services in the Asia and Latin America emerging markets.

– Investment advisory

– Product development

– Certifications, regulations compliance

– Softlanding

– Commercial representation

– Interpretation of trade and investment agreements

Research and Intelligence

We produce a variety of multilingual business intelligence solutions designed for Asia and Latin America markets in specialized topics such as trade and investment agreements, markets, industry and innovation. 

– Industry insights

– Market and sector research

– Specialised publications


We offer courses and workshops tailored to the needs of our clients in specialised trade and investment topics: international trade, trade agreements, business internationalisation and cross-cultural communication.

E-commerce solutions in Asia and Latin America for exporters

We offer the advisory and solutions for selling your products on the largest online platforms in Asia and Latin America.

Commercial Representation

We provide tailor made commercial representation and marketing services in Asia for companies interested in exploring the market or finding customers and suppliers in the region. 

Lego® Serious Play® method for Business Strategy


The Lego® Serious Play® methodology is an innovative process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. 
By using Lego® Serious Play methodology your organisation can: 

– Redefine strategies to survive challenging times 
– Create new products
– Define business strategies
– Inspire creativity and innovation  

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Susana Muñoz
Lego® Serious Play Certified Facilitator
GBA LatAm Trade and Investment Advisors Ltd
Room 1746, 700 Nathan Road, KLN, Hong Kong
Tel. +852 3960 7214

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