GBA LatAm Trade and Investment Advisors

What is GBA LatAm?

GBA LatAm Trade and Investment Advisors is a Hong Kong based advisory services specialist focused on mid-market, small and early-stage businesses in the Greater Bay Area and Latin America regions.

We work closely with our clients to develop and implement trade and investment strategies for tapping into the opportunities of the emerging markets of Asia Pacific and Latin America.

GBA LatAm has offices in Hong Kong and Mexico City.

Our Partners

Together with our partners we provide a wide range of services, including trade law, interpretation of trade and investment agreements; markets and industry insights; and training on international trade, business internationalisation and cross-cultural communication. 

Business Facilitation & Trading

International business firm, managed by experienced professionals in assisting companies to create strategies for market entry and market development.

VTZ Law Firm

TZ is a Mexican Law Firm that specializes in the following legal practices and services.

Doing Business Mexico

Explore the Opportunities and Benefits of Investing in Mexico with Our Expert Guidance.

Our Services

Trade Advisory and Training

  • Sourcing
  • Support in negotiation of commercial and manufacturing contracts
  • Interpretation of FTAs and rules of origin
  • Representation in Mexico and Hong Kong
  • E-commerce advisory
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Market and Commercial Intelligence

  • Market intelligence
  • Product development
  • Macroeconomic and market research
  • Identification of distribution and sales channels
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Investment Advisory

  • Soft-landing
  • Company formation
  • Tax, labour and commercial advisory
  • Identification of strategic partners
  • Assistance with contract negotiations
  • Factory visits
  • Representation in Mexico
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