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GBA LatAm Trade and Investment Advisors is a Hong Kong based advisory services specialist focused on mid-market, small and early-stage businesses in the Greater Bay Area and Latin America region. 

We work closely with our clients to develop and implement trade and investment strategies for tapping into the opportunities in the emerging markets of Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Together with our partners we provide a wide range of services, including the design and support for international business projects focusing on the identification, planning and operation of companies, products and services; economic research and intelligence products, interpretation of trade and investment agreements, markets and industry insights; and training on international trade, business internationalisation and cross-cultural communication. 


Support for International Business Projects

Research and Intelligence Products


E-commerce solutions for Latin America exporters

GBA LatAm Insights

GBA LatAm Insights
GBA LatAm Insights – Mercado Asia Pacifico – Julio 16, 2021 En …
GBA LatAm Insights – Mexico Economic Review – July, 2021
GBA LatAm Insights – Mexico Economic Review – July 2021 在7月版的《墨西哥经济评论》中: 2021年在墨西哥投资的10 个理由。财政部维持该国2021 年的增长前景为6.5%。卫生秘书处确认该国正处于Covid-19 流行病的第三波。疫苗接种策略有助于减少住和死亡的发生率。  …
GBA LatAm Insights – Mercado Asia Pacífico – Julio 1, 2021
GBA LatAm Insights – Mercado Asia Pacífico – Julio 1, 2021 En …
Mexico Economic Review – June 2021
Mexico Economic Review – June 2021 在6月版的《墨西哥经济评论》中: 《墨西哥-香港投资促进和保护协议》于2021 年6 月16 日生效,保护墨西哥和香港的投资和投资者。日本在墨西哥制造的特别报告。4 月份出口同比增长75.6%。这是自1992 年以来报告的最高增长。进口增长了48.4%。 In June edition of …

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CIFFA 2021 DEL 21 AL 25 DE JUNI0, 2021

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VTZ Law Firm

Vazquez Tercero & Zepeda (VTZ) is a law firm with a specialized practice in international trade, customs law, tax law, regulatory (sanitary & food-safety law), commercial, and administrative litigation in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Leon, Tijuana and Reynosa. 

Our mission is clear: to solve complex legal problems and provide legal certainty to the businesses and commercial operations of companies, domestic or international, in Mexico.


Business Facilitation & Trading

An international business firm, managed by experienced professionals in assisting companies to create strategies for market entry, market development and logistics. BFT develops strategies to make business possible in China, Mexico and the USA. 

BFT Mexico http://bftmexico.com/


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